Social Justice Thru The Arts


SOCIAL JUSTICE THRU THE ARTS (SJTA) teaches basic social justice concepts and advocacy through integrated work and exploration in the arts. Participants engage in hands-on learning in storytelling, movement and dance, image theatre, designing and painting, creative writing, social and digital media, and film/video.

We use the arts to emphasize concepts learned in dialogue and reflection that culminate in a group art project. Our social justice framework uses power, privilege, and difference to engage participants about their identities, histories, and communities. We emphasize collaborative learning among community educators, students, and faculty through team building, intercultural dialogue, nurturing individual and collective voice, and fostering communication across differences.

SOCIAL JUSTICE THRU THE ARTS (SJTA) is part of the summer institutes hosted by the CSU Alliance Partnership. Funding is provided by the CSU College of Liberal Arts and the CSU Alliance Partnership. Additional support and space use is provided by CSU Women’s Studies and Gender Research, the University Center for the Arts, the School of Music Theatre and Dance, and the Department of Art and Art History.

SJTA 2019

Feature Artist Silvia Minguzzi - Lest we Forget
Embracing your identity through the study of selfies

SJTA 2018

Feature Artist Rose Jaffe - Holding Space

Community Mural


Dr. Caridad Souza, Director of Women’s Studies and Gender Research;
Lisa Morgan, CSU Dance Faculty, School of Music, Theatre & Dance;
Silvia Minguzzi, Director of Hatton Gallery & Digital Performing Space, Department of Art and Art History;
Dr. Patricia Vigil, Director of University Partnerships and Student Success & Director of the Alliance and University Partnership Relations.

We Will Explore Together

  • How to advocate for social justice in our communities

  • Issues of gender equity, belonging, access, and justice

  • Where to fit in on a college campus

  • What a career in the arts looks like that focuses on social justice advocacy through a gender studies lens

  • How the creative process is a part of your story

SJTA Application Forms

Mentors Application 



Students Application Social Justice thru the Art - June 1, 2021

Mentors Application - CLOSED

Social Justice Thru the Arts 2021 - June 14-17, 2021

The Future of Student Empowerment and Equity: Learning About Self, Community, and Social Change
Monday, January 13, 2020 | 1:00 p.m.
LSC 376-78

2019: CSU Diversity Symposium
Learning About Self, Community, and Social Change: Social Justice Thru the Arts 2019
Thursday, October 17, 2019  | 12:00 p.m.



Lisa Morgan
Colorado State University Dance Faculty


Silvia Minguzzi
Designer and Communications Manager, Gregory Allicar Museum of Art


Dr. Caridad Souza
Director of Center for Women’s Studies & Gender Research


Dr. Patricia Vigil
Director of University Partnership and student success

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