The Graduate Certificate in Gender, Power, and Difference provides students with a solid foundation on the way gender intersects with power and privilege through race, class, disability, sexuality, sovereignty and other social categories of power and difference.

Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies

The 12 credit hour graduate-level certificate allows students to complete course work in race and gender studies to supplement their graduate programs of study. Students develop competency in the methodology and subject matter around gender, power, and difference that allows them to:

  • Demonstrate a mastery of feminist frameworks that focus on gender, power, and difference
  • Analyze academic disciplines from feminist and intersectional perspectives
  • Demonstrate understanding of feminist epistemology of power and difference
  • Implement feminist methodology and research

Target audience includes master or doctorate students enrolled in any graduate-level academic or professional program interested in pursuing a race and gender frameworks for research and pedagogy.  Supplement your education by learning the essentials of Women and Gender Studies and Feminist Theory.

Required Courses (3 Credits)

  • WS 601: Foundations of Feminist Research

Choose 9 or more additional credits in multiple disciplines, including:

  • Women's Studies
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Communications
  • Art
  • Philosophy
  • And more!