The Women’s & Gender Studies Major prepares individuals for living and working in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.  Students learn about the complex intersection of gender with sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, ability, religion, and nationality as analyzed across various disciplines.

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SOCIAL JUSTICE THRU THE ARTS was a part of the 2018 summer seminars hosted by CSU Alliance Partnership.


The Bachelor of Arts in Women and Gender Studies at CSU draws on many different liberal arts disciplines for a comprehensive and intersectional educational experience.  Declare Women and Gender Studies as a stand alone major or in addition to coursework in another discipline.

Core Courses Include

  • WS 200:  Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • WS 269:  Women of Color in the United States
  • WS 270:  Feminist Theory
  • WS 370:  Feminist Friendship
  • WS 380:  Masculinities, Race, and Sexualities
  • WS 397   Victim’s Assistance Team
  • WS 397:  Introduction to Gender Violence or Inclusive Leadership for Greeks
  • WS 472:  Capstone Seminar in Multiracial & Decolonial Feminisms
  • WS 480:  Indigenous Consciousness and Gender
  • WS 495   Independent Study
  • WS 484:  College Supervised Teaching
  • WS 487:  Internship


21-credit Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Minor

Supplement your education by learning the essentials of Women and Gender Studies and Feminist Theory.

Required courses: (3 credits each)

  • WS 200: Intro to Women’s Studies
  • ETST 405: Ethnicity, Class, & Gender in the U.S
  • WS 472: Multicultural and Decolonial Feminisms

Choose 12 or more additional credits in multiple disciplines, including Art, Economics, Ethnic Studies, History,, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and more!

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