Social Justice Thru The Arts

Social Justice thru the Arts 2022
Amending and a mending History

May 31 - June 05

This summer institute will teach basic social justice concepts through arts-based practices. Participants will integrate all they have learned by working with the featured artist to create an art piece from a social justice framework. Students collaborate alongside CSU faculty, students, and community educators through team building, intercultural dialogue, and collaboration across differences, nurturing individual and collective voices, and fostering community dialog by emphasizing skills that promote social justice advocacy. In the process they not only learn what a career in the arts through a social justice lens looks and feels like but also how the art fits into their lives and communities by addressing issues of equity, belonging, access, justice, and how the creative process is a part of all of our stories.

This year participants will have the unique opportunity to learn from skilled teachers, from each other, from themselves, and from History. Fort Collins-based multimedia artist Louise Cutler is excited to join the Social Justice thru the Arts team empowering youth through creative expression.

Experience will include:

  • Experience working with CSU faculty and students through art-based practices.
  • Expert advice on applying to college, admission requirements, financial aid, housing, and careers
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Final presentation


Exhibition Opening and Reception
Sunday, June 5th, 1:00 p.m.
Richardson Design Center
522 W. Lake Street, CSU CampusFree and Open to the Public

June 5-12th
Nancy Richardson Design Center
522 W. Lake Street, CSU Campus

June 13-Aug 15
Visual Arts Building
551 W, Pitkin street, CSU Campus



Dr. Caridad Souza
Director of
Center for Women’s Studies
& Gender Research


Silvia Minguzzi
Director of the Hatton Gallery
& Digital Performing Space


Dr. Patricia Vigil
Director of University Partnership
and Student Success

Interns and Mentors

Marcela Pajares Berger, Noe Vargas, Keri-Ann Wolfe, Allison Lanning