Social Justice Thru The Arts 2021

Social Justice thru the Arts 2021

June 14-17

Climate Justice: Wisdom, Knowledge, Connection

SJTA 2021 is focused on radical healing through a deeper connection to ourselves and the natural environment. We will explore the intersections of race, gender, and climate justice and learn the power of creative expression to make our voices heard and challenge mainstream narratives.

Loving Humans, Saving Land.



  • Draw connections between climate justice, food justice, racial justice, and gender justice
  • Outline the link between our personal health and wellbeing to the sustainability of our communities and prosperity of the environment. Underscore the importance of taking care of our minds and bodies to best show up for any social justice movement
  • Explore “creative” care-health, wellness, and joy through creative expression-making, moving, writing, drawing, etc
  • Create a short magazine or “zine” of writings, drawings, creative expression throughout the week that students can have moving forward in digital (and/or) physical form
  • Use the framework/themes of the earth elements EARTH, AIR, WIND, FIRE to discuss and move through topics

This is a unique opportunity to learn from skilled teachers, from each other, from yourself, and from the land. Washington, D.C.-based mural artist Rose Jaffe is excited to join the team again and is passionate about social justice and empowering youth through creative expression.

Creatively caring for ourselves, our communities, and the environment. Understanding the deep connection of one thing to another



Lisa Morgan
CSU Dance

Silvia Minguzzi

Silvia Minguzzi
Director of the Hatton Gallery and Digital Performing Space


Dr. Caridad Souza
Director of
Center for Women’s Studies
& Gender Research


Dr. Patricia Vigil
Director of University Partnership and student access

Featured Artist


Rose Jaffe


Dominic Baca, Alison Lanning, Luis Enrique Loya, Leah Mendoza, and Leah Snyder