Criteria for Course Petition

The following criteria is used to assess what courses can be included under the minor, Ethnic Studies concentration in Women's Studies, and supporting courses for the Graduate Certificate. Faculty and students petitioning courses should use the following criteria to assess courses they want included in the Women's Interdisciplinary Studies curriculum:

Women's Studies:

Traditionally, Women's Studies, as distinct from feminist studies or gender studies, takes "women" as an undifferentiated category where gender is historically constructed, and where women are marked as different from men and thus become the subject as well as objects of inquiry. Typical courses address, for example, women in politics, women in psychology, women in history, women leaders, etc. At CWSGR, we consider Women's Studies courses those courses that examine the social and cultural construction of gender, that have women as the 100% subject of inquiry, are interdisciplinary, are committed to a critical feminist epistemic lens of social justice and/or incorporates some aspect of women's activism. At the moment, WS 200, 472 and 692 fulfill these requirements. Courses can include a variety of perspectives and approaches, among these:

Feminist Studies:
Gender Studies:
Queer Studies:
Transnational Feminism:
Intersectional Courses:
Supporting Courses:
Critical, Transformative Pedagogy: