Karen J. Wedge Award

The Karen J. Wedge award is given to an alumna/alumnus who:

  1. a) serves as a role model by demonstrating commitment to social justice, and
  2. b) combines academic and activist feminism as a vehicle of social change.

Each Spring, CWSGR will send the Karen J. Wedge nomination form to the campus community. In addition, staff will send nomination information to the current roster of Women's Interdisciplinary Studies graduates via email seeking nominations. This will occur prior to February 1 each year.

A selection committee composed of three members of the Women's Interdisciplinary Studies Executive Board will review all nominations and make a selection of the recipient.

Upon selection of the recipient, office staff will make contact with the recipient and ask them to be present as a guest of honor for the Women's Studies graduation ceremony in early May. If the recipient is not available, staff will work with the recipient to do an appropriate recognition at the ceremony.

If funds allow, WPS will pay for the recipient to travel back to Fort Collins for the recognition ceremony.