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Accommodations for Nursing Mothers
  • Colorado State University recognizes the importance and benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and their infants, and in promoting a family-friendly work environment. Colorado law requires that all employers, including state government, must provide for the needs of employees who are nursing mothers, as set forth in C.R.S. §8-13.5-103 - 104. In addition, federal law requires employers to provide break time and private lactation facilities for nursing mothers, and allows states to enact more stringent requirements. (29 U.S.C. § 207(r)(1)). This policy will assure compliance with these laws while supporting the needs of our campus community.
  • CSU shall make reasonable efforts to provide lactation areas in close proximity to a nursing mother's work area, where a nursing mother can express breast milk in privacy. Lactation areas may be designated on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on the location and needs assessment. Lactation areas should meet the following requirements:
    1. When reasonable, the lactation area should consist of a private room.
    2. The lactation area should be private, with window and door coverings where required. If the area does not have a lockable door, a sign should be posted that can be placed on the door indicating it is in private use. If the area does not have any door, then a curtain or screen must be provided in order to assure privacy.
    3. The area should contain, or be in close proximity to a women's restroom (or other clean, safe water source), with disinfectant soap and paper towels. However, the lactation area shall not be a restroom toilet stall.
    4. Where feasible, the location should contain or be near a refrigerator to keep breast milk from spoilage.
    5. An electrical outlet must be provided for employees who use an electric breast pump to express milk.
    6. The area should be equipped with a comfortable chair, suitable for use when nursing or expressing milk.
    7. The area should be equipped with a counter or table suitable for using supplies.
    8. The area must be reasonably accessible to disabled employees who are nursing mothers.
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