Health & Safety

Policy ID: 6-6021-002

Category: Public Safety/Risk Management

Effective Date: 1/1/2000

Facilities Mngmt-6030
(970) 491-0099

CSU Police Department-6023
(970) 491-6425

Environmental Health Services-6021
(970) 491-6745

Public Safety Team
(970) 491-6211


A safe and healthful environment in which to work and study is an express goal of Colorado State University. Personal injuries and property damage resulting from accidents must be minimized; individual and collective health and safety must be maximized.

The administrative head of each college, department, and organizational division has the primary responsibility for accident prevention and health protection within his/her jurisdiction. The effort and expense required to provide adequate safeguards for all employees, students, and visitors must be recognized as legitimate and necessary obligations of each department.

Accidents, health and safety hazards, and related problems should be reported to Environmental Health Services.

Each employee must share the responsibility for maintaining and improving health and safety in University facilities and operations. Unsafe conditions or procedures must be reported promptly to the employee's supervisor and should be corrected as expeditiously as possible.