CSU Police - Sexual Assault Q & A

Q: How do I report a sexual assault or similar crimes?
CSU Police Department recognizes that there are several different factors that influence the reporting of these types of incidents. We encourage all members of our community to report crimes immediately by calling 911 or the non-emergency numbers, but you can always report confidentially and we will assist you by explaining the process, so you can evaluate your options.

You can also contact the CSU Office of Women's Programs & Studies to access other resources or if you need assistance in coming forward. Additionally, the Fort Collins Sex Assault Victims Advocates team and the CSU Counseling Center staff are always available to assist. CSU OWPS can be reached at (970)491-6384, Fort Collins SAVA at (970) 498-7672, and the CSU Health Network Counseling Center at (970)491-6053.