Study Abroad

Learn and Serve in Ghana, West Africa

Winter Intercession Study Abroad Program

By taking part in this study abroad experience you will immersed yourself into the Ghanaian culture and society, which will give you an in-depth understanding about the local culture, history and livelihoods. Through service-learning and educational activities, you will gain a greater perspective and understanding of our global interdependence through Ghana's link to America. Prior to the trip, you will take a preparation course to better educate ourselves about Ghana, responsible global engagement and service. You will be exposed to important topics such as social organization and relations, sustainable development, girls' education, the history of the Ghanaian slave trade, artisan and aesthetic traditions, and much more. This service opportunity will include teaching at a local school, volunteering at an after-school program, working on poverty alleviation, and volunteering at an orphanage nearby. For more information, contact Dr. Caridad Souza at (970)491-2882 or