CWSGR Courses

Supporting Courses for the Graduate Certificate

ANTH 520 03(3-0-0).Women, Health, and Culture
S.Prerequisite: Graduate standing.
Women's experiences and interpretations of their health; cultural, political, and economic forces affecting women's health.
ANTH 521 03(3-0-0). Gender, Sexuality, and Culture
S. Prerequisite:Graduate standing.
Gender and sexuality cross-culturally; theory, cultural constructions, colonialism, class, race, ethnicity, health, violence.
E 505A-C 03(3-0-0). Major Authors
F, S. Prerequisite: Six credits of literature.
Intensive study of the works of one or two major authors. A)English. B)American. C)World.
ECON 771 03(3-0-0). Political Economy of Race and Gender
F, S. Prerequisite: Graduate status.
Economic approaches to inequality based on race/ethnicity, gender, and class.
ETST 535 03(3-0-0). Chicana Feminism: Theory and Form
F, S.Prerequisite: None.
Different forms of Chicana feminism as produced by Chicana scholars, writers, poets, artists and activists from historical and contemporary accounts.
ETST 541 03(3-0-0). Gender, Violence, and Indigenous Peoples
F, S. Prerequisite: None.
Multiple forms of violence against indigenous women and children in the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand.
FSHN 511 03(3-0-0). Maternal and Child Nutrition
F, SS. Prerequisite: Admission to the GPIdea Program in Dietetics; written permission of instructor.
Behavioral, physiological and public health issues impacting dietary and nutritional factors that support growth and development.
FSHN 660 02(2-0-0). Women's Issues in Lifecycle Nutrition
S. Prerequisite: FSHN 459
Current nutritional issues related to selected stages of lifecycle compared to normal adult nutritional needs.
POLS 509 03(3-0-0). Gender and the Law
F, S. Prerequisite: POLS 410 or POLS 413.
Relationship between gender and the law and the changing nature of that relationship over time.
PSY515 03(0-0-3).Women's Health
F. Prerequisite: None.
Current issues in women's health.
PSY596A 01 Psychology of Women and Gender
F, S , S. Prerequisite: None.
Collective investigation of a topic in applied social psychology under direction of faculty.
SOC 661 03(0-0-3). Gender and Global Society
S. Prerequisite: SOC 500.
Gender relations and social change in global society.
SPCM 623 03(3-0-0). Feminist Theories of Discourse
F. Prerequisite: Admission to graduate school.
Exploration and evaluation of contemporary feminist theories of rhetoric and discourse.