Ethnic Studies Concentration in Women's Studies

Potentional Occupations

Contemporary career opportunities can be directly enhanced by students who have a women's studies background. Students acquire jobs in the non-profit sector, such as international relief agencies, domestic violence agencies, homeless shelters, after school programs, and children and family services. Other fields our students have entered include public relations, counseling, union organizing, public policy and research, victim advocacy, and human/civil rights. In several areas such as journalism, communication, business, law, education, and human services, it is now common to choose a career that has a direct focus on women and gender.

In areas that have not traditionally focused on women and gender, an awareness of the history and culture of feminisms, women and the intersections of gender, race, class, and sexism can enhance a person's ability to cope with dilemmas and issues related to gender and sex that arise in the workplace. In addition, students in women's studies have the unique opportunity to apply insights from course work to their own lives, helping them to make more informed choices about careers, education, relationships, and community participation.