Ethnic Studies Concentration in Women's Studies


Undergraduate students who are pursuing a major in Ethnic Studies have the opportunity to pursue a concentration in Women's Studies. Ethnic Studies majors are required to pursue a minor anyway, so the Women's Studies concentration fits in nicely. The Concentration in Women's Studies is available to all students who want to focus their intellectual pursuits on women's and gender issues.

Undergraduate students who wish to pursue the Women's Studies concentration must visit the Department of Ethnic Studies, where the Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research (CWSGR) is housed, to complete the Add Major/ Minor form. The Department is located at 357 Aylesworth SE. Advising for students pursuing a Women's Studies concentration is provided by Dr. Irene Vernon, chair of the Department of Ethnic Studies or Dr. Caridad Souza, Director of the CWSGR. Appointments to meet with Dr. Vernon or Dr. Souza must be made by calling the Department at (970) 491-2418.