Advisory Board

CWSGR Committees

The Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research (CWSGR) was created in summer 2010 and formally established within the Department of Ethnic Studies in Fall 2010. CWSGR maintains an autonomous internal structure administered by its own Program Director and Executive Board.

The Women's Studies Executive Board is an advisory board composed of a broad range of representatives of the Colorado State and Fort Collins community. Board members include an undergraduate student, a graduate student, a special or temporary instructor, a community member, the CWSGR Director, a liaison from the Women's and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC) , administrative professionals and faculty members. Up to ten faculty members may be elected and representation should include at least one junior faculty member, one senior faculty member, one special or temporary appointed faculty member.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to policy, advocacy, assessment, curriculum, development, research, and recruitment decisions of the Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research. Apply to become a member or nominate a colleague or student.

CWSGR has both standing committees and ad hoc committees.

Standing committees advise on matters that pertain to the program while ad hoc committees form as the need arises.

The standing committees can be composed of Board members as well as affiliate faculty. Each committee has a chair that is a member of the Advisory Board members. During the first meeting of the year, individuals who serve on the board are asked to participate on standing or ad hoc committees per academic year. Affiliated faculty will be asked to participate on committees each year as well. Committee Chairs are elected by the Committee members present at the first meeting of the academic year. Chairs will serve one year terms and may serve up to three consecutive terms. The Board may make recommendations for disbanding current committees and creating new committees.

Graduate Committee

Members who volunteered to work on this committee work on any of the following tasks:

  • Propose methods to clarify the requirement and/or rigor for the graduate certificate
  • Suggest additional courses for supporting courses
  • Develop methods to monitor student attendance of colloquia
  • Recruit students from within CSU and outside
Curriculum (Undergraduate) Committee:
Awards & Scholarships