Advisory Board

Becoming a Member of the Executive Board:

Selection of Board members is based on a commitment to teaching, researching, advocacy, and activism around women's and gender issues and feminist perspectives. Faculty, administrative professionals, state classified, students both graduate and undergraduate, community members, and any unit, program, or office with a gender, women's, or feminist perspective may apply. Academic faculty and staff are elected for three-year terms. Students and community members for two years.

Nomination Process: By March of each year a call for new member nominations for Board members will be made. Nominations are to be submitted to the existing Board by the beginning of April. The Board will then notify the nominated individuals and ask them to complete and submit a "Nominee Information Sheet." Individuals can self nominate as well.

Election Process: The slate of candidates and their information sheets will be circulated to the CWSGR affiliated faculty, WS minors, Ethnic Studies Concentration students, and Graduate Certificate students. Affiliated and regular faculty will be asked to vote for individuals from the slate, and the candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be selected to serve. All votes are due to the CWSGR Board at the beginning of May. In the event of a tie vote, the Board members will vote by ballot to break the tie. Election results will be announced by May 10.