Faculty Guidelines for Independent Study Projects

Faculty interested in collaborating with students, undergraduate or graduate, can propose an independent study project. To begin the process for an independent study, please fill out the WS 495 Independent Study form and submit it to the director of Women's Studies for approval at caridad.souza@colostate.edu.

Faculty participating on independent studies projects should be aware of the following:

  1. Maximum of three credits in WS 495 will be counted toward a student's minimum core credits for the undergraduate minor in Women's Studies.
  2. Some background related to the proposed subject matter, either from course experience or developed independently by the student, is expected.
  3. Description of the project should indicate the student's background, the content and scope of the project, and the amount of work required in relation to the credits indicated.
  4. Signatures required include those of the instructor sponsoring the independent study project, the student's advisor, and the Director of Women's Studies to complete registration.

Along with these requirements, faculty members participating in the independent study can expect to submit a grade for the student. The procedure for establishing a faculty member as the instructor of record for an independent study is:

  1. Send the complete form for the WS 495 Independent Study form in an email as an attachment to CWSGR at Jodi.griffin@colostate.edu
  2. Include an email's subject heading "Proposed Independent Study"
  3. Inform Jodi Griffin that you will be the instructor of record and pending approval of the project, she should include you as the instructor of record for grading purposes.

Jodi Griffin will send a confirmation email to the participating faculty who will then be able to enter a grade for the work produced that semester.