How to become an Affiliate Faculty

Statement of Purpose

The Women's Interdisciplinary Studies Program prepares individuals for the needs and opportunities of a changing world. The program builds awareness of the range of human experience, potential, and accomplishment. Women's Studies contributes to the fulfillment of Colorado State University's central mission, and to interpersonal, intercultural, and international understanding.

Policy on Affiliated Faculty

Faculty affiliated with the Women's Interdisciplinary Studies Program at Colorado State University are those who have or have had an active commitment to the Women's Interdisciplinary Studies Program during their time at the university. Affiliated faculty have a clear body of knowledge that is consistent with the Program's mission of feminist education, and they maintain a vested interest in the success of the Women's Interdisciplinary Studies Program.

Criteria (meet one of the following, and submit a short application):

  1. Currently teach, or have taught, a Women's Studies core or supporting course.
  2. Currently engaged in Women's Studies (feminist, gender-oriented) research.
  3. Currently engaged in women/gender-oriented service or projects (campus, community or professional).

Expectations of Affiliated Faculty with Women's Studies:

All Affiliated Faculty should make every effort to attend Women's Studies events, including the Boyer Lecture, Colloquia, Open Houses, and the end of the year graduation ceremony.

In addition, Affiliated Faculty should meet at least one of the following:

  1. Serve as a member of the Women's Studies Board or sub-committee to the Women's Studies Board.
  2. Serve as an Independent Study Advisor to Women's Studies students completing Independent Studies in your department or area of expertise.

Benefits of affiliation

Approved Affiliated Faculty will receive a name plate, and may identify themselves professionally as Women's Studies Affiliated Faculty. Furthermore, they are placed on the Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research listserv and mailing list, are eligible to vote in elections, and to apply for Women's Studies travel and mini-grants when available.