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Turning Point

Turning Point is an organization that works with youth and families dealing with substance abuse, mental health needs, and emotional and behavioral challenges. They offer out-patient as well as in-patient programs, including counseling, mentoring, DUI/DWAI classes, educational classes, and gender-specific residential treatment. Turning Point offers internship opportunities for students and volunteer opportunities for everyone. Contact for more information. Turning Point also accepts resumes for employment; please send resumes to Dana Tringo at or fax at (970) 221-2727.


Turning Point's academic programs are fully approved by the Colorado Department of Education.

Our programs are developed to accommodate students with varying needs learning at a wide range of educational levels. We offer each of our students a structured, supportive and individualized educational setting. Turning Point's educational programs utililze Positive Behavior Support best practices.

Each youth in the educational program has the option of earning their GED, graduating from Turning Point's Waverly School, transferring credits back to their home school, or enrolling in courses for college credit.

It is our goal to ensure that each student advances to the appropriate grade level while in our care.

Turning Point is proud to boast a 10 to 1 student/teacher ratio.

Licensed Special Education teachers, educational counselors and numerous volunteers from the community and local universities staff each classroom. In addition, the agency receives federal funds that provide for a Title I (literacy) teacher.

Education staff strive to facilitate successful transitions for our youth as they reenter the public school system upon completion of their program at Turning Point. In addition, the agency offers assistance to students through vocational education and/or post secondary education options.

Connections Program

In 2011, Turning Point was awarded a multi-year Expelled and At-Risk Student Services Grant by the Colorado Department of Education. This funding supports Turning Point's Connections Program - an agency-wide behavioral and academic support system designed for students who are at risk of future suspension or expulsion upon returning to their home schools.

  • The Connections program is offered to every student that comes through Turning Point program
  • Services begin upon placement and continue for up to six months after discharge
  • Provides students with career exploration and work experience through internships and job shadowing
  • Prepares youth for post-secondary education or a return to the public school system
  • Through career exploration the goal is to help students find a career-path that will motivate them to not only achieve their diploma or GED, but also to continue with secondary education goals

Internship/Job Shadowing:

This begins with youth preparing a "College in Colorado" profile during vocational education class. Students complete multiple surveys, interest inventories, and sorters to determine the career cluster that best suits them. These assessments are used to assist clients in deciding where they would like to intern. For youth not confident in a desired field of work, they request job shadows in one or more fields of interest to gain career awareness and experience.

Students write resumes, cover letters, complete practice interview questions, and compose thank-you letters that are all saved in their electronic portfolios, allowing them to access these documents upon their departure from Turning Point. Students participate in mock-interviews with staff prior to formal interviews at host-sites.

During internships, youth receive numerous evaluation reports by their host supervisors, and exit interviews are held to discuss their employability strengths and deficits. Students have the potential to walk away from their internships with new references for their resumes, a network, a mentor and/or employment.

Parents' Night

The Connections Program also offers "Parents' Night" once a month for an hour in our Day Treatment facility. The first half of the hour is spent educating parents on the program, curriculum, and resources in the community.

Each month focuses on a specific topic. Parents are encouraged to give suggestions for topics they would like to discuss, and are also invited to engage in the process. The second half of the evening is time spent between staff and families to share and socialize while sharing a meal.

For more information, please click here.


Turning Point boasts many long time employees - some with more than fifteen years at the agency.

It is a fantastic place to work and we hope you will join us!

Some of the benefits of employment with Turning Point include: generous flexible time off schedules, financial assistance toward continuing education/professional development, life and health insurance, family medical leave, flexible spending accounts and a 403B Retirement Plan.

Currently, there are no open positions.

Resumes are accepted. Please send to Dana Tringo: or fax Attn: Dana to 970.221.2727.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Community Training Center

Turning Point is committed to providing growth and learning opportunities for its employees as well as for the community at large. As a result, Turning Point has developed the Community Training Center to provide for a variety of educational opportunities.

Community Training Center course offerings include Red Cross First Aid/CPR certification, Qualified Medication Administration Person (QMAP) and Diversity. The Community Training Center offers all the classes and supervision hours required for Certified Addiction Counselor levels I, II and III.

The Community Training Center at Turning Point was developed to meet current and future community needs for professional and public training in the areas of substance abuse, residential treatment, behavioral and physical health, and adolescent care. In addition, the Training Center is recognized by the Division of Behavioral Health within the Colorado Department of Human Services as a training and supervision site for those seeking Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) credentials.

Select CAC classes are now available online!

ONLINE CLASSES now offered at The Community Training Center!

Advance your career in Addictions Counseling from the comfort of your own home! Flexibility in class scheduling allows you to take more than one class at a time, and take classes toward certification while working full time!

Visit our Class Descriptions to learn more.

Become a Certified Addiction Counselor

Certified Addiction Counselors work with people struggling with substance abuse addiction. Addiction Counselors work with clients to address and identify behavior problems associated with their addictions.

CAC Certification provides the tools necessary to advance careers and increase salary potential. Certified Addiction Counselors provide clients with in-depth and intensive care by introducing them to new and challenging treatment experiences.

To learn about Certified Addiction Counselor requirements, click here. REFERRAL LINE: 970.567.6461

Please address all written correspondence to:

Turning Point Center for Youth & Family Development
1644 S. College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: 970.221.0999
Fax: 970.221.2727

Volunteer & Intern Program

Volunteers and Interns are an integral part of Turning Point's staff. Last year alone, volunteers contributed a total of 22,722 hours to the agency, saving Turning Point approximately $410,132 in staff salaries and benefits.

Turning Point actively recruits interns each semester from Colorado State University and other local colleges and educational institutions. Internships are offered for university credit as well as for Certified Addiction Counselor documented work experience hours.

We know that your time is precious and we know how valuable a few hours of your time can be to a child. You can make a difference in a child's life with just a few hours a week.

Turning Point actively recruits qualified unpaid staff to fill administrative positions, work with youth in the milieu or classroom, provide additional services to assist with substance abuse and behavioral health treatment, act as mentors, and help with community transitioning and life skills development.

If you'd like to learn more about volunteer opportunities with Turning Point, please