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Museo de las Tres Colonias


The Museo de las Tres Colonias provides a historical and educational tool highlighting the Hispanic community in the Fort Collins area. Specifically discussed are the historical working conditions of the sugar beet industry and community life of the Tres Colonias, Buckingham, Andersonville, and Alta Vista during the Twentieth Century. School tours are offered and are a great opportunity for students to learn about the Hispanic contribution to the Fort Collins community.

The adobe home is a great educational tool, interpreting the significance of Hispanic culture and its impact on the Fort Collins community. This museum provides insight and community support of Hispanic culture in the home, religion, work, cultural celebrations, tolerance and social justice.

The Museo del las Tres Colonias is an asset to the community and something we can all can take pride in!

The "three colonies" are Alta Vista, Buckingham and Andersonville, but they aren't the only historic Latino neighborhood in Fort Collins: the area north of the Holy Family Church is also a long-time residence of Hispanics.

Las Tres Colonias was originally settled by Germans and Russian immigrants; the Holy Family Neighborhood was first settled by African-Americans. The residents of both neighborhoods are presently predominantly of Mexican-American descent.

"In the video, Mi Gente, a local resident expressed, 'Most of these Hispanic neighborhoods are literally on the other side of the tracks. For many residents of this neighborhood, living on the other side of the tracks was simply a geographical quirk; for others, no doubt, it has been a state of mind as well.'" (City of Fort Collins Video, 1996)

For an extensive overview of these neighborhoods and their history and architectural development, go to the Fort Collins History Connection.

Also, the materials collected in the History section of this website provide an extensive look at the economic and social justice aspects. Of particular interest in the History section is the survey "Hang Your Wagon to a Star", which provides an extensive historical overview of the creation and settlement of these neighborhoods.

For more information, please visit their website at or contact the Chairwoman of the Museo, Betty Aragon at (970) 412-4536.