June 2-8, 2019

Diversity can be as simple and as rich as a different point of view.

The SJTA institute presents students with an art project that celebrates diversity and researches identity through the study of selfies.

We meet the world with our face. We are face to face with the surroundings. We are initially recognized by our face. All of our senses are situated in our face.

However, we also learn how to manipulate our faces, to put on masks: literally or metaphorically. The avatar’s appearance will tell a lot about our wishes and fears, dreams and desires, hopes and anxieties. We will explore a wide range of media: photography, drawing, audio and video recording, creative writing, graphic design, and digital projection, using different perspectives in a physical and emotional way offers possible solutions to break stereotypical patterns about race, sex, gender, and class.

Social Justice Thru the Arts will explore and challenge stereotypical perspectives to find ways to fight inequality in our society starting with ourselves.


Angie Dominguez, Damaris Valencia Mota, Jacqueline Garcia, Kalynn Bledsoe, Keiran Cardenas, Lauren Martinez, Maria Cisneros-Herrera, Sierra Gordy, Sergio Sinaloa, Viviana Retana

Selfies are usually viewed as all about the individual but when you see our selfies you see our true community. In our communities there are many differences, but within these we find strength and promote unity. This work challenges the conventions of society, our careless interactions with the earth, and the toxic mindsets that persists within it. We will continue to challenge society and to promote unity to cultivate a new world.

Through this work we are united.
We are the change.
I am respect.
I am an independent woman.
I am more than my body.
I am unique.
I am humanity.
I am mother nature.
I am my true colors.
I am a dreamer.
I am an everlasting memory.
I am unapologetic.
We are the future.

Special Thanks
Ben Withers, Dean, College of Liberal Arts; Roze Hentschel, Senior Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Alex Bernasek, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts; Erika Pepmeyer, Recruitment Coordinator, College of Liberal Arts; Beth Etter, Director of Communications, College of Liberal Arts; Aliya Cardona, CSU Admissions Office; Herman Shelton, Executive Director, Access Center; Lynn Boland, Director, Gregory Allicar Museum of Art; Dr. Patrick Fahey, Art Education Associate Professor, Department of Art and Art History; Judy Bejarano, CSU Dance Faculty, IMPACT Dance Company; Dan Goble, Chair, School of Music, Theatre and Dance; Emily Morgan, Director, CSU Dance; Godwin Abotsi Sweet Africa Dance Ensemble, and Luis Carlos Silva “Mestre Lucas Corvo”, Capoeira Canavial