Ethnic Studies Concentration in Women's Studies


The Ethnic Studies major/ Women's Studies concentration is a new degree offering with very specific requirements. Please view these requirements on the Ethnic Studies Major- Women's Studies Concentration document and work with the student's Ethnic Studies adviser to co-advise. A minor is recommended but not required for students pursuing this option. Students must earn a "C" or better in each of their courses. Courses may not be "double counted"

The Ethnic Studies Concentration in Women's Studies is offered as a way to allow students who would like to add depth and focus to their Ethnic Studies major and Women's Studies minor. This concentration allows for maximum concentration in social justice issues that incorporate a perspective on racialized gender, racialized sexuality as these intersect with both fields of women's and ethnic studies. Undergraduate students who are pursuing a major in Ethnic Studies have the opportunity to pursue a concentration in Women's Studies. Ethnic Studies majors are required to pursue a minor anyway, so the Women's Studies concentration fits in nicely.

All Colorado State University students are invited to enroll in Women's Studies and Gender Research courses, whether or not they choose to participate in the Interdisciplinary Studies Minor.